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3 Reasons Your Healthcare Organization is Overspending on Transportation

By Mark Switaj | January 8, 2018

Chances are that you are paying for more rides than you should be. RoundTrip can help.   Today, 78% of Americans over the age of 55 have a chronic condition that requires medical transportation and ongoing medical visits. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services more than 25% of the population will…

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The Journey to Healthcare Transportation Savings

By Lindsay Tsai | October 27, 2017

RoundTrip is fixing medical transportation, delivering value to patients, transportation providers, and healthcare organizations alike. For healthcare organizations, in particular, we help to streamline processes through a simple, easy-to-use portal. This results in both overall reduced costs of transportation as well as optimized savings with positive downstream effects on care coordinator workflows and increased patient…

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Common Barriers to Medical Transportation

By Angela Damiano | September 27, 2017

A lack of reliable transportation is one of the primary reasons patients miss or delay medical treatment. Studies show that in certain markets up to 67% of the population may have their healthcare impacted by lack of access to transportation. Patients without reliable transportation often end up with greater health issues due to delayed clinical…

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Medical Transportation & the Aging Population

By Ankit Mathur | May 26, 2017

The ability to easily get to routine doctor’s visits, medical treatments, or travel home after a big surgery has a big impact on the lives of older adults. While some seniors have family members or friends who can help them, most are stuck looking elsewhere for reliable medical transportation. We know that our country is…

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Why There Are No ‘RoundTrip Drivers’

By Angela Damiano | April 1, 2017

One of the questions RoundTrip routinely receives is, “how can I become a RoundTrip driver?” And the answer is that RoundTrip doesn’t hire drivers. We strongly believe it is important that credentialed, experienced healthcare transportation companies transport patients. The First Steps in How Transportation is Ordered Today How Transportation is Ordered with RoundTrip RoundTrip adds…

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3 Things We Learned At HIMSS ’17

By Ankit Mathur | March 13, 2017

An estimated 41,000+ healthcare enthusiasts packed the Orlando Convention Center the week of February 20th for the largest healthcare conference in the nation, HIMSS. If you haven’t been to a conference this size before, trust me – it’s beyond massive! This was RoundTrip’s first major conference to attend and we had a blast! Our booth…

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What You Need to Know about Government-Funded Transportation

By Alex Lekacz | February 15, 2017

Millions of Americans are covered by Medicare and Medicaid insurance, but when it comes to covered transportation, few people are aware of the differences in availability and cost. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, over 55 million Americans are covered by Medicare and over 70 million are covered by Medicaid. It is…

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RoundTrip: 2016 Year In Review

By Ankit Mathur | January 26, 2017

Here at RoundTrip, we have experienced a lot of milestones and achievements for our first year in business. RoundTrip conducted a friends and family funding round in June 2016.  With this round, we were able to develop their mobile application and a user-friendly web portal. In September, RoundTrip was selected as one of five finalists for…

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How Technology & Innovation Can Improve Medicaid Services

By Mark Switaj | January 16, 2017

We just attended the National Association of Medicaid Directors Fall 2016 conference in Arlington, VA, and much of the discussion at the conference has shifted from the roll-out and initial implications of the Affordable Care Act to a focused understanding of ways to improve the delivery system and enact payment reform. A clearly voiced question:…

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Do Medicaid Capitated Rate Structures Impact NEMT Quality

By Angela Damiano | December 21, 2016

Here at RoundTrip we are obsessed with quality, and we are always looking for ways to incentivize better patient care and quality non-emergency medical transportation. Because Medicaid NEMT payment structures vary by state, we can examine if there are certain models that encourage quality. Medicaid is an important part of NEMT, as it is estimated…

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