Book Pharmacy Stops On The Way Home From The Hospital With This New Feature

Here at RoundTrip, we often speak about transportation as a common barrier to care on the first-leg of the trip –getting to the hospital, a doctor’s appointment, or ongoing treatment. But transportation is also a barrier to getting home.

Hospital discharges can be complex and challenging for both patients and physicians because of the necessary coordination of many moving parts.

Healthcare professionals steadily prioritize patient safety and medication adherence as top of mind for improving health outcomes. With the shift to value-based care, improving post-discharge care is gaining even more importance, as well.

Patients who have transportation needs getting to and from the hospital often also have issues getting to and from the pharmacy or other medical supplies pick-up centers.

That’s why we created the “Add A Stop” feature to RoundTrip.

This allows for post-discharge pharmacy stops and other multi-stop trips for all types of transportation except for Lyft within RoundTrip.

Here’s how it works:

Multi-stop Trips from RoundTrip on Vimeo.

We are excited to launch this new feature. We believe this enhancement has the power to patient satisfaction, medical adherence and make continued care more accessible and seamless for more patients.

About the Author

Ella Jankoski

Ella is an healthcare technology implementation specialist with a passion for patient care. She started her career with a major EHR company where she worked to implement software at multi-hospital healthcare networks across the country. She attributes her success with these organizations and their software-go lives to careful planning and efficient project management. Ella is an alumna of University of Wisconsin-Madison and while she loved living there, she made the move back to Philadelphia to be closer to family and friends. Ella grew up in Hopewell, NJ. When she isn't implementing healthcare technology, you can find her hanging out at the shore, listening to any of her favorite podcasts or downing soup dumplings at Bing Bing. Read More